Brands Guide to International Women’s Day

Brands do come up with extremely unique ideas to share their values on many of the issue based on international days. Trying to create the next-trending-ad exponentially spreading through social media is a risky game of sorts. We know you don’t have much time.
Hear us out before making the next big creative mistake this International Women’s Day.

Be Authentic

In the desperation of going viral – do not think too out of the box.Consider if your brand really does connect with Women’s day. Pushing the envelope to create a world-class advertisement, and trending campaign to advocate Women’s rights is too passé in 2019. #MeToo has taken the world by storm and you really cannot play that card any more.

Release an honest survey

Instead, be courageous. Try out an honest survey in your industry. Not to be cheeky but to actually know where your brand and your industry stand in terms of women employment numbers, retention, best practices and mental well being.

Releasing the priority list for 2019

Looking inwards – 360-degrees! Recognise what more can be done to make the workplace more safe and secure for women and release a priority list for 2019. Share them with your B2B clients as well as on social media. Make your brand more transparent -in terms of accountability.

Release how your Brands deal with issues at Workplace

No one can ignore the casual sexism at the workplace. Worst is to hide it under the carpet.
Raise the stakes by highlighting any issues faced and how your brand reacts to it.
Perhaps make a handbook to be shared internally.

Making fun of yourself

Promote your brand through fun videos of awkward situations. It can be situations of casual sexism, mansplaining or perhaps men’s awkwardness to not know when to draw the line.
Be Honest this International Women’s Day


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