Bottega exhibits at TFWA Singapore with articulating plans

Bottega exhibits at TFWA Singapore with articulating plans

Bottega will participate again this year at the most important Duty-Free and Travel Retail show for the Asia Pacific area. The region represents a crucial market to the Italian winery and distillery. The owner and managing director Sandro Bottega believes it will reach 50% of the sales in the long term. Along with the improvement of the culture of emerging consumers.

Over the past 15 years, Bottega intensely invested in expanding the global presence also through the travel retail and duty-free channel. Thanks to the intuition of Sandro Bottega, who early foresaw the great potential of this business.


Today Bottega represents one of the leading players in this market. Bottega products list in the catalogues of more than 50 airlines. Also, they are globally present at all of the most important duty-free shops.

According to IWSR “Top 20 Rankings for Champagne and Sparkling wine” research, Bottega prosecco ranks No. 2 in the global Travel Retail market. After one major Champagne brand (data for 2017); if we do not consider Champagne in the ranking, Bottega Prosecco is the world’s No. 1 sparkling wine in the sector.

Furthermore, in 2015 Bottega bagged an award for “Best Supplier of the Year” at Frontier Awards, and “Producer of the Year” by ATRI (Italian Association of Travel Retail) in Milan. While the restaurant format “Bottega Prosecco Bar” has been honoured with the “Airport Bar of the Year” award at the Drinks International Travel Retail Awards in 2018.

At the Singapore show, the company will introduce several new products to the Asian market:

Bottega Ginger is an organic liqueur responding to the recent consumers’ trend and taste for “super food”. It has nutrient-rich ingredients with a capacity to positively affect health. The quality and character of this product is due to the excellence of the selected raw material and to the peculiar extraction method:
  • Organic ginger – sourced in Vietnam and China. The process includes peeling, chopping and left to macerate in organic alcohol, water and organic sugar. While sourcing in India, at a controlled temperature of 5° C for about 12 hours.
  • Crio-maceration is a process of borrowing from oenological practices. Where the production of more intense, refined and elegant wines happens by using the practices. Indeed, the low temperature and the swiftness of the process allow the extraction of the most fragrant parts only. Moreover avoiding the bitter and astringent compounds.
Bottega exhibits at TFWA Singapore with articulating plans
Bottega Ginger

The liquid thus obtained is decanted and filtered, obtaining a pale yellow liqueur. Along with citrus and floral notes that give way to the typical spicy scents. The taste is refreshing and intriguing, with an intense aroma of ginger and a delicate sweetness balancing the typical pungent sensations. The alcohol content is 20% vol. It is meant to be served at the end of a meal, used as an ingredient for fresh and invigorating cocktails, or to accompany fruit ice-creams, fruit and desserts.

New versions for Bottega Gin Bacûr: following the exciting success of the gin produced in Italy using botanicals like juniper berries, sage and lemon zest, and pure water coming from the Alps, Bottega is launching:
  • the 5 cl Miniature bottle;
  • the 10cl Spray version: an elegant and practical copper-coloured bottle with vaporizer suggested as a useful tool for bartenders, confectioners and chefs, to enrich their creations with flavours and aromas. Cigar lovers will further enjoy their meditation moment if the cigar is sprayed with this distillate.
Bottega exhibits at TFWA Singapore with articulating plans
Bottega Gin Bacûr

Hence, Bottega Gin Bacûr will now be available in five sizes: 5cl miniature bottle, 10 cl spray, 50cl bottle, 70cl bottle, and 100cl bottle.

Bottega Stardust Rosé is a sparkling wine produced from Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25. A very rare grape variety (a crossing of Raboso Piave and Hamburg Muscatel) that was created from Professor Luigi Manzoni, Dean of the Oenological School of Conegliano, in the early 1900s.

This wine has a delicate rosé colour; fine, long-lasting perlage. An intense and refined bouquet, recalling rose petals, peach, exotic fruits with delicate spicy notes in the finish. An elegant, smooth, delicately sweet taste, balanced by vivacious acidity. And along with it a  considerably long lasting aftertaste.

Bottega exhibits at TFWA Singapore with articulating plans
Bottega Stardust Rosé

Like the acclaimed Bottega Stardust, the bottle is decorated with hundreds of diamond cut crystals to create a “stardust” effect that makes this product perfect for celebrating happy moments – whether it is a toast with friends or a glass to accompany dessert, pastries and fresh fruits.

Bottega Limoncino Bio is the organic version of Bottega’s most popular liqueur.
Bottega exhibits at TFWA Singapore with articulating plans
Bottega Limoncino Bio

The production happens using only selected and certified organic ingredients. These include lemons peels from Femminello Siracusano variety. Harvested at the highest degree of ripeness; organic alcohol; organic sugar; and organic essential oil of lemons.

Bottega Florenzia is a ruby red wine with remarkable character and personality.
Bottega exhibits at TFWA Singapore with articulating plans
Bottega Florenzia

Produced in hilly Tuscany, from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes, it is an elegant wine with intense bouquet of red and black berries, pleasant aromas of spices and violet, and a vibrant taste with soft tannins. It matches cold cuts, particularly from Tuscan tradition, pasta with meat sauce, roasts and game, mature cheeses.

TFWA Special

At TFWA, visitors can view and taste the complete Bottega and Alexander ranges, including best-sellers: Bottega Gold (the iconic prosecco in gilded bottle), Bottega Stardust (Bottega’s premium Prosecco Dry in a crystal-encrusted bottle), Bottega Limoncino (organic lemons infused liqueur), and “Il Vino dell’Amore Petalo Moscato” (sweet sparkler). Bottega will be located at Basement 2, stand 2-M9



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