Beaches in Scotland

Beaches in Scotland

• St. Ninian’s Isle
• Traigh Rosamol Beach
• Redpoint Beach
• Sandwood Bay
Camusdarach Beach
• Sanna Sands
• Langamull
• West Beach
• Machir Bay
• North Coast of Iona

Scotland is a beautiful country well known for its dramatic scenery of mountains and valleys, rolling hills, green fields and forests, and rugged coastline. Scotland is surrounded by the bracing waters of the North Sea to the East, and the North Atlantic Ocean to the west and north. Also, there are over 700 islands mostly in groups to the west.
Capital: Edinburgh
Government: Devolved Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: Pound Sterling
Area: 78,387/km/square
Population: 5327,700
Language: English, Scots Gaelic Scots

Beaches in Scotland to Experience a Wonderful Vacation

There are 10 Magical Beaches in Scotland which are hidden from the chaos of the city life. Also, it gives travellers a chance to spend a peaceful holiday amidst the paradisaical views of the Scottish Islands.

St. Ninian’s Isle

Beaches in Scotland
St Ninian’s Isle is a small tied island connected by the largest tombolo in the UK to the south-western coast of the Mainland, in Scotland. The view of this hidden paradise is just fascinating, as the sun-kissed sandy beach of Ninian’s Isle meets dramatically with the mainland.

How to reach St. Ninian’s Isle: The nearest airport to the Isle is the Sumburgh in Shetland, Mainland. One can hire a car or take a bike to reach at this beach.
Distance from Sumburgh airport to St. Ninian’s Isle: 32 Km
Travel Time: 20 minutes
Location: Shetland

Traigh Rosamol Beach

Beaches in ScotlandThe Rosamol beach lies at the northern side of Luskentyre. Luskentyre is one of the “must do” places in the Outer Hebrides for many people and consequently sees lots of visitors. Along with the surreal beauty, this beach also shelters the birdlife and one can easily spot some of the rare species of ducks around the beach.

How to reach Traigh Rosamol Beach: The nearest airport to the beach is the Stornoway airport. From the airport, one has to hire a cab or taxi to reach Harris located at the Isle of Lewis. From the Isle, it is a few miles of distance to the beach which can be covered by foot.
Distance from Stornoway to Harris: 29 km
Travel Time: 28 Minutes
Location: Luskentyre (Isle of Harris, Outer Hybrids)

Redpoint Beach

Beaches in ScotlandRedpoint lies at the end of the road. It comprises a small scattered settlement overlooking a broad beach of reddish sand backed by dunes. The name comes from the low promontory, Red Point, to the south. Also, it gives a great chance to the adventure seekers.
How to reach Redpoint Beach: One can take a flight to Inverness and then make a coach ride west to reach close to the villages of Gairloch and Poolewe.
Distance from Inverness to Redpoint Beach: 121 Km
Travel Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Location: Gairloch

Sandwood Bay

Beaches in ScotlandIt is a natural bay in Sutherland, on the far north-west coast of mainland Scotland. Also, It is best known for its remote 1-mile long beach and Am Buachaille, a sea stack, and lies about 5 miles south of Cape Wrath. Travellers can reach there by hiking a few miles. It is a perfect location for a relaxing getaway.
How to reach Sandwood Bay: For the hikers, Sandwood beach is easily accessible by foot from Blairmore to the west, or else from the viewpoint of Cape Wrath to the east. The nearest airport to reach Sandwood is Stornoway from where one can take a ferry from the mainland at Ullapool to reach the Sandwood Bay.
Distance from Stornoway to Ullapool: 86 Km
Travel Time: 3 hours 39 minutes
Location: Lairg, UK

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Camusdarach Beach

Beaches in ScotlandWith plenty of opportunities for swimming, rock pooling and walking, the beach is a great place to spend a day. It is an arc of white, glistening sand and clear water just south of the estuary of River Morar. With a spectacular view to the jagged crest of Cuillin on the Isle of Skye, the rugged blue peaks of Rum and the steep sea cliff of Eigg, Camusdarach is Spectacular.
How to reach Camusdarach Beach: The Glasgow international is the nearest airport from the beach. From there one can take a bus or hire a car to reach the beach.
Distance from Glasgow airport to Camusdarach beach: 222 km
Travel Time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Location: Morar, Lochaber

Sanna Sands

Beaches in ScotlandSettled at the peak of the British Mainland’s western peninsula, this wildly rugged beach at Ardnamurchan gives a perfect amidst serenity. White sands, clear turquoise seas, species-rich dunes and small rocky islands make it one of the most stunning beaches in the area. Also, Sanna Bay is a favourite amongst artists and photographers alike. Take time to explore this stunning beach with its rock pools, clear seas and lovely dune system.
How to reach Sanna Sands: The beach is located just a few miles away from the Portuairk and Kilchoan. For the people travelling to the beach from south, one has to take a Corran Ferry from where it is a tedious journey along a narrow-streak road.
Distance from the Corran Ferry to the Sanna Sands: 64 Km
Travel Time: 45 minutes
Location: Ardnamurchan, Lochaber


Beaches in ScotlandThe sun-kissed white sands and the hidden coves on the beach make it worth a visit. It is the most fabulous expanse of glistening white shell sand, and there are a couple of hidden coves too. The views out to Rum are spectacular on a clear day. Lagamull is a must beach to visit in Scotland.
How to reach Langamull: The nearest airport to the Langamull beach is Glenforsa Airfield. From there one can hire a car or taxi to reach Dervaig. There is a steep walk from Dervaig to the Langamull beach.
Distance from Glenforsa Airfield to Langamull Beach: 29 Km
Travel Time: 43 minutes
Location: Ardnamurchan, Lochaber

West Beach

Beaches in ScotlandThe silence prevailing at the beach and the view of the rare orchids found at the shore enhances the beauty of this deserted beach. T his beach is adorned with high dunes and a magical view of the Harris mountains at the backdrop. Also, this beach is spread across an area of 3 miles.
How to reach West Beach: To enter the West beach one has to de-board at the Benbecula airport. From there one can hire a taxi or cab to reach Berneray and walk down the beach.
Distance from Benbecula Airport to Berneray: 43 Km
Travel Time: 46 minutes
Location: Berneray

Machir Bay

Beaches in ScotlandMachir Bay is a small bay on the Western coast of the Isle of Islay in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. It is one of the features of the Rhinns of Islay and lies within a few hundred meters of the small settlement of Kilchoman. It is home to wildflowers and varied species of chirping birds. Apart from the undaunted beauty of this island beach, people come here to enjoy the incredible taste of whiskey which makes this place worth a visit.
How to reach Machir Bay: The nearest airport to reach the beach is Islay airport. From there one has to hire a taxi, cab or bus to reach the region of Islay from where the beach is just a few miles of walking.
Distance from Islay airport to the Isle of Islay: 12 Km
Travel Time: 20 minutes
Location: Islay

North Coast of Iona

Beaches in Scotland
The Iona is a small island located at the southwest coast of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. It is an array of varied species of wildlife spread across the scattered beaches.
How to reach North Coast Of Iona: The nearest airport to the beach is the Glasgow airport which is well-connected by road. One can take a bus or cab from the airport to reach Mull and walk down a few miles to reach the coast.
Distance from Glasgow Airport to Mull: 186 Km
Travel Time: 3 Hours 54 Minutes
Location: Mull

Scotland is a beautiful place to travel and explore, and it must be in your bucket list because Beaches in Scotland make it worth to visit.

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