‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ by Kate Magdalena for July 4th

Kate Magdalena for July 4th
Singing Glory Hallelujah In the Midst of the Nation's Conflicts

San Francisco-based singer/songwriter artist Kate Magdalena releases a soaring new take on the traditional Civil War ballad, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

The hymn sings “Glory Hallelujah” in the midst of the nation’s great conflicts, witnessed during the Civil War. However, again today as the country struggles to unite under a common vision of what it means to be American.

However, the lyrics were written in 1861 by Julia Ward Howe to fit the tune of “John Brown’s Body.” Since that time, the song has evoked and expressed sentiments of real patriotism, as well as religious fervor.

Kate took a liking to the song when she first heard it powerfully sung by Judy Garland to honor President Kennedy. Therefore, she hopes now to rekindle it as an inspiration for America today to celebrate the July 4th holiday.

Kate Magdalena’s Releases

  • “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, the third track from Kate’s upcoming album “A Larger Dance” set to release in September 2019.
  • “Take Me to Church,” by Irish singer Sinead O’Connor on country radio stations across the United States.
  • In July, “The Streets of Any Town,” a song dedicated to the plight of the nation’s homeless men and women.

However, “Battle Hymn” features some of Nashville’s finest musicians with

  •  Fred Eltringham (The Wallflowers and Sheryl Crow)
  • Byron House (Robert Plant and the Band of Joy)
  • Brennan Smiley(The Technicolor)
  • Blair Masters (Garth Brooks)

To hear “Battle Hymn”: https://smarturl.it/battlehymn
Hear Kate Magdalena on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3r9XkUn1NSg2k2hm6JPQPV

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