Barney NY to have Luxury Cannabis store, will Airports follow suit?

The High End is the new beginning for every weed enthusiast

Barney New York is taking cannabis to a whole new level. Literally.

The department chain stores recently announced to launch ‘The High End’, a luxury lifestyle and wellness shop entirely dedicated to cannabis. This makes the brand the first major retailer to step into the industry.

‘The High End’ will offer distinctive products with calming and relaxing benefits and CBD-infused beauty products. The shop will also feature an exclusive range of jewellery and accessories items from brands like Good Art HLYWD, Martine Ali, Brent Neale, Hoorsenbuhs, Carole Shashona, Sorellina, R.O.E., M. Cohen, Miansai and Barton Perriera.

Additionally, the shop will also offer curation of vintage accessories including lighters, trays, cases and more. Customers can even enjoy these products by purchasing at

“Barneys New York has always been at the forefront of shifts in culture and lifestyle, and cannabis is no exception,” said Daniella Vitale, CEO & President, Barneys New York. “Many of our customers have made cannabis a part of their lifestyle, and The High End caters to their needs with extraordinary products and service they experience in every facet of Barneys New York.”

Barney New York exclusive partnership with Scott Campbell, co-founder of upscale cannabis company Beboe features an extensive selection of accessories and lifestyle products.

The concept shop will have an exclusive and rare collection, especially for The High End. About the products:

  • Rolling papers from Devambez
  • Horn lighters from Lorenzi Milano
  • Leather ashtrays and lighters from Giobagnara
  • Ashtrays from Laboratorio Pesaro
  • Gold rolling papers from Shine
  • Storage boxes from Ginger Brown,
  • Custom-made blown glass pipes from Caleb Siemmon

In addition to the CBD-friendly beauty brands that will be available, the High End will introduce its customers to Beboe’s pastilles. As well as an exclusive silver vaporiser pen developed by Barney to celebrate the collaboration.

“Barneys has never been shy about pushing creative boundaries in retail, and it makes perfect sense that they would be the first to support and elevate cannabis to new levels,” said Campbell of the partnership.

The new department, set to launch in late March, though no official date. It will reside in a 300-square-foot space on the fifth floor of their Beverly Hills Flagship location. A perfect place, because California was the first state to legalize cannabis.

Altogether its a big step in introducing a shopping store (in a respected and controlled setting) in the US for cannabis because still so much stigma prevails around it. Its a foot in the door for all marijuana dealers. In the future, we can expect to buy pots from local malls as well.

Will airports introduce Cannabis inspired products?

The consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes is legalized in Canada, some states of US, Australia, and more. According to the new policy change, the consumers can ‘neither take in, nor take out’, cannabis from their countries border. Despite making it a legal in the books of law, Marijuana is still considered a ‘Scheduled 1’ drug.

As of January 1, 2018, California law allows for individuals 21 years of age or older to possess marijuana for personal consumption. However, airport guests should be aware that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening stations are under federal jurisdiction. Also, passengers should be aware that marijuana laws vary state by state. They are encouraged to check the laws of the states in which they plan to travel.

It will be interesting to see whether airports will include cannabis inspired products in its list of retail merchandise. With increasing duty free allowance limitations on tobacco and alcohol, the growing wave of Cannabis can prove to be a game-changer(of sorts). The sector has been gaining momentum- thanks to the changes in regulation and more research studies comparing it to tobacco and alcohol consumption.

P.S: While Barneys will offer a variety of cannabis apparatus and some CBD oil items. It will not be selling the high-inducing weed since the company is not registered dispensary under California’s legal marijuana laws.


Goodbye Pot dealers, Hello Barney!


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