Amouroud launches all-new Elixir collection

Amouroud's Elixir Collection

The Amouroud legacy continues with the crown jewel collection, the Amouroud Elixirs.

Amouroud's Elixir Collection
Amouroud’s Elixir Collection

Elixir Collection

Launched in October, this year, the Elixir collection has extracts that are the most highly concentrated essences made from the world’s most rare and pure natural ingredients. Warm deep wood notes, exotic East Indian spices, breath taking florals, and precious Ouds transforms into entirely new fragrance. These scent expressions are powerful and mysterious fragrance variations that can reignite a vivid long-lost memory, creating passion and longing.

Noir Illuminé

Amouroud's Elixir Collection
Noir Illuminé from Amouroud’s Elixir Collection

The elixir Noir Illuminé is both bright and dark. With contrasting elements of brilliance and deep shadow. A spark in the darkness, twinkling glints of sparkling cardamom, ginger, and wild cinnamon flicker on a wave of black plum nectar. These shimmering top notes amplify the spicy facets of natural rose plunging into a bouquet of passionflower and Egyptian jasmine. Deepest dark chocolate layered with black vetiver and intense woods add an addictive power to this extract.

Amouroud's Elixir Collection
Mysterious Rose from Amouroud’s Elixir Collection

Mysterious Rose

This iridescent elixir comes from an enchanted luscious rose whose velvety petals unfold one at a time. Blend from the essence of the noble Damascus Rose, layered with rich Bulgarian and rare Tibetan Rose, this breathtaking floral fantasy is came into existence. Interwoven with a variety of forest notes and a selection of warm woods, Mysterious Rose takes you on a glorious day long journey into nightfall. 

Amouroud's Elixir Collection
Golden Oud from Amouroud’s Elixir Collection

Golden Oud

This Extrait de Parfum is a tour de force. Its core is a natural Indian Agarwood resin. Known as “Liquid Gold” this resin has been intricately woven with layer upon layer of noble Damascas Rose. This magical mix mingling with warm sweet woods, Madagascar Vanilla absolute, natural Guaiacwood, and a Patchouli Orris mist. This is a full, voluptuous sensory experience. It’s resulting aura is a haunting, sumptuous warmth. A golden halo of deep, dark woods.