Amber Rose’ New Skincare Line MUVA Beauty

Amber Rose, MUVA Beauty
Amber Rose, MUVA Beauty
Serial entrepreneur Amber Rose announces a new CBD-infused, intimate skincare line with the launch of MUVA Beauty

MUVA Beauty is the latest business endeavour from the model/actress. She is famous for her feminine empowerment and also for activism across pop culture and social media.

“I’ve always taken control over my body, and I want to help others do the same,” said Rose. “My goal with MUVA Beauty is to celebrate every inch of one’s skin while elevating our intimate experiences through a premium collection for all.”

The MUVA Beauty collection, available exclusively at beginning Black Friday. It is founded on the principle of confident, bold and intimate beauty for everyone. Moreover, it features premium, organic, CBD-infused skincare products that elevate the intimacy that exists between you and your body. And also, between you and your partner. MUVA Beauty will set the standard for sensuality and relaxation within the beauty industry. Altogether with an unprecedented commitment to transparency, the purest functional ingredients and verified potency.

MUVA Beauty’s new assortment comprises daily products to help radiate, calm and soothe skin while increasing overall balance of the body’s physiological systems.

The assortment includes:
  • Bath Dust: Expertly crafted CBD Bath Dust that offers an all-over wellness experience with a potent 200mg shot of cannabidiol extract. ($114.00) 
  • Body Wash: A well-balanced body wash that keeps pH at perfect levels. (82.99)  
  • Intimate Moisturizer: An intimate moisturizer infused with broad-spectrum CBD and synergistic botanical & aromatic scents. Also, this sensual blend is formulated for comfort and pleasure while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness. ($62.99)  
  • Body Oil: A restorative CBD-infused body oil with antioxidants. ($64.99)

In celebration of the launch, Amber will provide the first 20,000 customers with a lifetime MUVA Beauty Membership. It is a way of giving loyal fans access to exclusive promotions, VIP events and the chance to try the newest products before they’re released. 

One can buy the assortment of products individually or in a bundle exclusively at