All you need to know about Hong Kong Art Month

From corners to street, the art blossoms everywhere

Hong Kong Art month

Art is everywhere, one just needs the right vision to see it. March is a celebration of month of art in Hong Kong.

The annual Hong Kong Arts Month enriches the journey with a diversified art experience in the city. In addition to locals, the overseas artists converge to bring about inspiring programmes, including exhibitions, dance, music, theatre and more.

The city becomes a hub for exploration of major international art shows, creative art installations. Along with, new art venues, hidden masterpieces of urban art and arty districts, and various highlighted art events across the city.

Date of Event: 1-31st March, 2019

Galley Visits

On Monday 25th of March, it’s the bi-annual Art Gallery Night event. Tourists can hop from one gallery to the next to see what’s on display.

A total of 30 galleries are participating, with opening hours extended until 8pm. Special tours will also be in offer.  It’s a great chance to explore and understand the exhibition, especially for all the creative buffs. The best part to enjoy it with a glass of champagne ot two!

Auction House

Someone who loves to chase and value the art, auction houses are an excellent place to make the best purchase. Get your cheque books ready on 31st March, Sunday for the Modern Art evening sale at Sotheby’s.

Apparently, there is no guarantee that one will find the pick at the desired price. Though, it’s hard to resist the urge to bid when the adrenaline takes control. There are bargains to be had at every auction.

Surprising Street Art

From March 23rd to March 31, the sixth edition of the annual street art festival, HKWALLS will give everyone the opportunity to experience the city be repainted. Both native and internationally celebrated artists will be turning Wan Chai’s walls into their personal canvases.

Adults as well as children will be amazed by the speed of the and creativity of these emerging talents.

Trending Instagram Hashtags

With Instagram keeping updated with every nearby event and stories. They are an ultimate source of supply of creativity on an online platform.

Since, hashtags are an important tool to keep to date with the latest happening. So, to get started make sure to check out the following hashtags: #artsweekhk, #artbaselhk, #artcentral2019, #artinHK, #contemporaryart, #abstractart, and #artsy


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