Airlines extend greetings for Year of the Pig

The picturesque locations of China attract a thousand of tourists throughout the year. It’s the time of the year when the city is decorated and lit beautifully, be it from airports to the high streets everything looks exquisitely scenic. The Chinese New Year bewitches travelers with its traditions and cultures following from decades.

Chinese New Year is a long weekend for many countries, like Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, China & Taiwan. Besides that, in many cities around the world also celebrate Chinese New Year too. London, Bangkok, Tokyo, Yokohama, Los Angeles and so on. To make sure there are no glitches and inconvenience in the travel plans, the airlines have an efficient way of working it through.

Malaysia Airlines Chinese New Year 2019 and The Spirit of Hospitality

In a YouTube video gaining over 3.4 Million views since last week, Malaysia Airlines aims to reignite the spirit of hospitality. The video starts in at an airport where a pair of siblings is fantasized to see an airplane.

Cut to the present where an airlines steward is giving a goodbye greeting to the passengers and fellow crew members. While his mates leave for their homes respectively, bidding adieu for New Year’s, he seems to be waiting at the airport. In those hours, he moves around helping a couple, an old man and gentleman who falls deep into sleep.

The young man now is standing facing a glass window when a lady taps on his shoulder. The lady is no stranger but, his own sister. She knows exactly where to find his younger brother who still is amazed to see the aircraft. Who is now a crew member of Malaysia Airlines. The airlines are the epitome of hospitality and so are the members, grounded and humble.

China Southern Airlines celebrates the Year of the Pig

To commence the Chinese New Year with a bundle of joy and triumph, China Southern Airlines is running a huge range of unique giveaways to surprise its travelers. To gear up the momentum of the festival of the 12th and last animal in the Chinese zodiac, the pig which is a symbol of wealth and represents fortune and prosperity. The airline has decided to gift a round trip ticket to one lucky Instagram follower each day from 5-19 February.

The followers need to do just follow the Instagram handle of China Southern Airline @chinasouthernamerica and like the post put up by them.


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