5 Destinations that are must-visit for your Summer Romance

5 Destinations that are must-visit for your Summer Romance
United Kingdom

As the summer continues to heat up, Dating.com, part of the Dating.com Group, the company behind numerous online dating sites. However, conducted a survey to uncover insights into summer travel and romance.

Finding a fling while on vacation is thrilling – the accents! Beach bathing beauties! However, it’s also a great way to meet locals and discover hidden gems that aren’t mentioned in the guidebooks. A survey of Dating.com members has uncovered the top destinations for your romance.

One of the best parts of finding love on vacation is that it gives you an opportunity to date someone who you might not at home. However, people note that the expiration date on a travel relationship makes them open to trying new things.  

Top Destinations to Find Love

  • United Kingdom: A trip across the pond could land you a prince or princess – and maybe your very own royal wedding!
  • Thailand: An increasingly popular destination. No matter your vacation style, you’ll be sure to find someone to keep you company while you lounge on the beach, taste the country’s delicacies, or explore the ruins.
  • Napa Valley: The views. The wines. Need we say more?
  • Brazil: Known for its exotic beaches, a trip to Rio de Janeiro could help you find your own “Girl from Ipanema.”
  • Berlin: A cultural magnet, sleep is optional in one of Europe’s nightlife capitals.
5 Destinations that are must-visit for your Summer Romance
5 Destinations that are must-visit for your Summer Romance
Napa Valley

When looking for love on vacation, the best way start, by going online. Less intimidating than approaching someone cold, 73% of Dating.com users note that’s how they’ve successfully found a vacation romance.

A holiday offers the chance to reinvent yourself. Additionally, makes you try something you might have been too scared or intimidated to before. “A vacation is a perfect time to step out of your comfort zone; for example, you might be afraid of heights, but it’s hard to say no to parasailing in the Caribbean,” says Maria Sullivan, Vice President of Dating.com. “More than half of our users (59%) note they feel bolder and more empowered to meet someone while traveling.”      

Vacation romance generally spontaneous and carefree affairs. 93% of people opened them up trying new experiences at home.   

Platforms like Dating.com exist as a tool to help those whose individual preferences and timelines align, and fully immerse users in their unique search for love.

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